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Mark Vargas

Meet Our Responsible Master Plumber & Owner

Mark Vargas

Mark, a licensed plumber for 14+ years, is fondly known as 'The Silverback' for his exceptional leadership and strength.

About Mark Vargas

Mark Vargas has been working as a licensed plumber for over 14 years, he obtained his Master Plumbing license in 2020 and his Responsible Master Plumber license in 2021. He has always worked in his hometown of San Antonio, TX and has become known as The Silverback because of his leadership skills and to be honest his brute strength. He has been known to pick up a 50-gallon water heater and carry it downstairs on his own. He has gained a lengthy list of beloved clients due to his patience in fully explaining the plumbing needs to his client and never pressuring them to buy anything they don't need. Mark has become an expert in water purification and stated "After realizing how the quality of the water can affect a person's health, I then invested in myself and took courses to better understand the true nature of water." This education has also helped Mark understand and properly diagnosis why appliances and fixtures have failed in a home. According to employees, Mark is always willing to teach and mentor the future plumbers of the industry with his vast knowledge.